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Meet our Brand Ambassadors


Agency - Melbourne, Australia


Uncover what your customers want in just two weeks through concise and highly target insight research.

Most companies are desperate to get out of the sea of sameness. Do you look, feel and sound the same as everyone in your category? To understand the future of your industry, you need to have insight into your customer's current pain points so that you can develop strategies that address their concerns. Understand this, and you can create unheralded value that your target audience can't resist. You can completely transform your brand's positioning in the market by offering new value innovation. 

What do you specialise in?

Brand Strategy • Insight Research • Creative Development

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Agency - Melbourne, Australia

Taylor & Grace

Taylor & Grace is a boutique brand agency that offers a personal, immersive and strategy-led approach to creating brands that move people. Our services include brand audit and measurement, research and strategy, creative and activation. Whether you are looking for a brand refresh or rebrand, to refresh your marketing collateral, create an arresting lead generation campaign or are looking to tell your story more powerfully, we can help.

What do you specialise in?

Brand Strategy • Brand Creative • Website Development

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Agency - Dunedin, New Zealand


We build cool digital sh*t.

Digital marketing is like oxygen for organisations. Without it, nobody knows how to purchase, book, download, or contact you regarding your services or products, your brand’s uniqueness, quality, or even the reason why anyone should care your organisation exists.

We help your organisation standout online by creating: 

  • Websites (Webflow, WordPress, Shopify, Silverstripe), 

  • Branding (brand guidelines, logo design, messaging), 

  • Social Media (packages, training, marketing funnels, etc.), and 

  • Software Development. 


Let’s have a chat about how you can kick ass!

What do you specialise in?

Websites • Branding & Graphic Design • Social Media Marketing • Photos, Showreels and Brand Videos • Developing Software Systems

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Not sure who to pick?

Make a SEI Strategy Session with
the Bento Brain Team... we can look at your
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We can also advise on the best ambassadors for your specific needs, based on cost, experience or location.


Interested in becoming a
Branding Ambassador?

We are always looking to expand our network and who knows maybe you are exactly the right brain we need in our Bento Box?!

Let's have a quick chat and see if we can work together! 

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